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Our Mission and Thought

Teznews.com has provide a Online Media platform for the Journalists, thinkers and analysist of Indian concept, thoughts and relevance. A iron platform of Teznews.com give space to Speaks with truth, stands with humanity, speak with no any type of hurdles and provide a space for country interests.
Its our mission to bring in light to the fading out of Indian languages and dialects time to time to the public by the internet. By whom this diversity of language and dialects can be saved. You are argued to provide your valuable thoughts and time in this prominent work.
We pay a special attention on the source of news, article, photo, video etc. published on teznews network’s website but if we forget to publish the source in any story, please do not make its a question of your respect. You are requested to remind me about that so in future such mistakes may not take place in the story. The main aim of the portal is to provide free and valuable information received from various source. If we failed to provide in any information in any story for such kind of failure you must to guide me instead of think vigorous about this. Your guidance give us power and by this we will be able to ignore such kind of mistakes.
Contents publish on teznews.com are the thoughts of the writer own. Editor and teznews network is not responsible for this. In such conditions any person, institute, user and publishers or so on feel hurt, can not file any legal F.I.R. such as IT act against editor and teznews network. Dispute is not our perception but in any dispute legal constitution will be the mother land of teznews network, Khandwa.


Benefits of Membership

1. Membership is free of charge.
2. The Member is automatically invited to participate in various events and programs organized for Members by teznews network. Teznews network or assumes the Member agrees to abide by all rights and duties relating to participation in such events and programs at the time of Membership application.


The rights and responsibilities regarding general posted material lies with the Member who posts the material.

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