Jal Satyagraha  Dr. Kumar Vishwas visited Ghogalgaon
Khandwa –
From last 15 days the Jal Satyagraha Movement by the residents of Ghogalgaon (Khandwa) is on it’s way and still moving with great enthusiasm to save their land and livelihood.

Today, when Dr. Kumar Vishwas visited Ghogalgaon and joined themovement, it got a national exposure. But here also the politicisation of movements didn’t halted. He also politicised the movement by criticising the state and central government and also the past government in a usual political way. “As political leaders comments on other leaders.”

The objective to raise the voice of the farmers didn’t met. He should have talked about the protection of saving the farmers and their land rather than defending his party AAP for farmer Gajendra’s death during their rally against Land Acquisition Bill in Delhi. He in his usual poetic way attacked the governments, but this doesn’t meet the objective of JalSatyagraha Movement.

Political parties should be serious on these issues and should come together to do well for countrymen rather than politicising them.

Report :-Raj Saw


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