Meena Qureshi

Reports – Sheikh Shahabuddin – Burhanpur

It is said that as long as you are wealthy, others are thine owns and the world salutes you. But in your miserable condition all left you.

This fact proved once again in Nepanagar district Burhanpur . m.p. , where renowned tabla player Ustad Zakir Hussain’ sister Meena qureshi is struggling for life. Meena Qureshi is critically ill. Some people of Nepanagar contributed money for her treatment. Meena is suffering from tuberculosis (T.B.) and on third stage. After her parents’ death, she lost her house in Mumbai and  came Nepanagar to Arvind Borker who treated her as a brother. Arvind supported her a lot and get her treated here.

Musician Ustad Zakir hussain’ sister struggles for lifeMeena will not have ever thought that in the evening of life she will have to live unknownness life as she was grown in Bollywood city and lived a glamorous life. Meena Qureshi is renowned tabla player Ustad  Zakir  Husain’s sister. She is suffering from tuberculosis and living in miserable condition in Nepanagar district Burhanpur MP. Her relatives snap relations with her due to poverty and disease. Arvind Borkar resident of Nepanagar supported her and took her to Nepanagar. Treated her as a brother Arvind and his some friends contribute money for her treatment and take care.

Dinesh sisodiya a resident of Nepanagar said, Arvind and his friends take care of Meena. She is unable to do her work. even medicines and water is given her by them.


Meena  Qureshi’s life: 

 Meena Qureshi 3Meena  Qureshi is cousin of renowned tabla player ustad Zakir Husain. She is daughter of ustad allahrakkha khan‘s younger brother Sadiq ali Qureshi. Meena’s father Sadiq ali Qureshi was also a film musician. Her mother was famous radio singer sthare pathre, Shakuntla Qureshi. Her father was muslim and mother was Christian lady.  Meena was only daughter of her parents.

Allahrakkha khan passed away in 2000 And Sadik ali khan in 2001. Her mother shkuntala qureshi also left world in 2006. Meena was burdened with debt due to mother’s disease and lost her house for  repaying loan. Being entangled in her family’s problem, Meena did not get married. Her relatives snaped relations with her and left her to wander here and there. Now she is critically ill and struggling for life.

Presently, ustad  Zakir Husain is in California America. Arvind Borkar said, I tried to contact jakir Husain but failed. I sent e-mail to many bollywood star but nobody replied. Arvind added.

Meena expects that getting informed her brother  Zakir  Husain will come to take her. We also expect that some helping hands will also come forward to help her.



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